Doctor Waiting times increasing

According to online doctor app, dktrGo, average waiting times for a Doctor’s appointments are increasing with many patients being subjected to having wait almost two weeks before they can get an appointment. The sick, elderly and disabled are not always able to travel to see a Doctor and in many cases risk their health in doing so while those individuals living in remote rural locations have limited access. People in fulltime employment don’t have many options for out of hours treatment and often have to take time off work which can indirectly impact their employers business (or their own in the case of self-employed people). It is estimated that sickness and having to take time off work either to see a GP or get better cost UK Companies around £16bn in 2014.  Having to take a half day off work and in some cases travel long distances is considered by many a high price to pay for what often doesn’t amount to more than a 10 minute consultation. Lack of available GP’s and limited out of hours care is driving more patients with minor medical conditions to A&E departments and in many cases difficulty in securing GP appointments results in some of the population either self-diagnosing which can have major negative effects or not getting treated at all which in some cases can have dire consequences if the condition gets worse and requires more extensive medical treatment.

Published by Nicole Graves