Hiring a Nanny in Weybridge

Recently I found myself in the need for a nanny. Being based in Weybridge in Surrey presented some problems initially but after careful research, and a planned approach I was successful. Here are a list of questions you should consider:

1. Why have you picked nannying as your profession decision and what do you like best about it?

2. What do you kids like most about you?

3. Do you stay in contact with a number of the families you’ve worked with and are there any exceptional recollections you have of your time with them?

4. Do you have any solid thoughts in regards to what the youngsters eat and do you have any procedures to help them with a decent eating regimen arrange?

5. How do you feel about discipline? Do you have a method for your own kids?

6. If you were shopping with the kids in a shopping mall , and one of them fled from you, what might you do?

7. What would you do in the event that you discovered one of the youngsters choking?

If you are looking for a nanny in Weybridge it is worth checking out the Weybridge Guide as they have a list of nannys for hire all for reputable agencies.

Published by Nicole Graves